Sunday, June 03, 2012

Emirates ID decides to extend Dubai population’s registration deadline for one month

Decision takes into consideration the conditions of workers and helps them avoid delay fees

3.3 million registration and renewal transactions have been received by the Emirates ID since the beginning of 2012

Emirates ID has announced registration of 90 per cent of Dubai population

The Emirates Identity authority has announced the extension of the deadline for registering Dubai population in the ID card for one extra month after taking into consideration the conditions of the emirate’s workers who have not been able to register yet so as to help them avoid delay fees.

The Emirates ID unveiled that it received 3.3 million transactions for issuing ID cards over the first five months of 2012 including one million (new and renewal) forms that were filled out in May, this being the highest number of forms received by the Emirates ID in one month since registration started in 2005.

The Emirates ID said it decided to extend the deadline for registering the ID card for the holders of residences issued in Dubai for one month up to June 30, noting that this initiative was in response to the calls received through its website and its pages on the social networking sites and through the mass media.

The Emirates ID added that the deadline was extended despite its success in registering around 90 per cent of Dubai population as part of the registration deadline for the residents in the emirate which was over the day before yesterday. The Emirates ID said its affiliated centers did not witness any abnormal crowds, attributing the crowds witnessed by the Dubai-based typing centers in the last week of the deadline to the culture of “waiting till the last minute.”

The Emirates ID clarified that the majority of the remaining section of Dubai population who had not been able yet to register in the ID card belongs to the category of workers, noting that the one month extension of the deadline took into consideration the conditions of this category and was aimed at helping it avoid delay fees.


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