Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memo from UAE Defense Ministry - High Temperature

Subject: Memo from UAE Defense Ministry - High Temperature
Importance: High

Dear All,

This is for your kind information.

Memo from UAE Defense Ministry

UAE - The Defence Ministry has advised all car owners in the UAE not to fill the tank full cause for the next few weeks temperatures will shoot upto 53-54 degrees and thus can cause the tank to burst. Please pass this message on as all of us here are habitual of filling our car tanks full.

السلطات الإماراتيه
تنصح مواطنيها مالكي السيارات بأن لإيقوموا بملىء خزان الوقود بشكل كامل وان يتركو فراغ على الأقل للأسابيع القليله القادمه وذلك توقعا لارتفاع درجات الحراره مابين 53 و 54 درجة مئوية ولاحتمال انفجار الخزان مما قد يترتب عليه إصابات وخسائر لا قدر الله

أرجوا إرساله للجميع. لأن هذا الموضوع مهم جدا


Anonymous said...

i dont believe this.

Buddy dela Cruz said...

rumor or not this advisory will help your safety... prevention is better than cure ... cheers

sam said...

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Sam Mike

Anonymous said...

It is a rumor...
you want to prevent yourself from rumor... then i guess one should stop manufacturing cars which explode because of high temperature.

iffatali said...

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