Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Iraq request of lifting travel ban from Philippines

-MANILA - Iraq's ambassador has called on the Philippines to lift its travel ban to Iraq, saying Filipino workers can gain by taking part in his country's reconstruction.

Ambassador Wadee Al-Batti is reacting to a Philippine government reiteration of a travel ban to high-risk countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Lebanon, Jordan and Somalia.

He says peace and order have greatly improved in Iraq since the Philippines first imposed the ban in 2004, but that no country can guarantee against terrorist attacks.

Al-Batti says Iraq needs 3 million houses, thousands of schools and more than 100 hospitals.

The Philippines banned its citizens from working in Iraq in July 2004 but some 4,000 Filipinos were allowed to remain there to finish their contracts.

source: yahoonews


Anonymous said...

panahon na tanggalin ang travel ban na to. ang daming pilipinong pamilya ang makikinabang. sa dami nang problema nang ating mga ofws na umuwi, sapat lang na mabigyan ang ibang bansa nang pagkakataon na maka trabaho ang mahuhusay nating kababayan.

Rica Ruth Alexandra said...

we the number of ofws who lost their jobs in Yemen, Libya, Japan, New Zealand and other countries. I hope this will serve as an opportunity for those filipinos. And I dont think iraq is that chaotic as what other people think. the ban was established 2004 during Saddam Husseins reign and the peak of terrorism. It's now 2004 and people need to move on.

Anonymous said...

i have a friend who owns a company and sends Filipino workers in Iraq. As he admitted, he is having a hard time sending them in Iraq for work because of the travel, and as what his workers has shared to him they prefer to work in iraq than stay in the country where they cannot find any opportunities.

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