Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dubai voted as the world's best shopping destination

UAE- Dubai, with its glittering array giant malls packed full of luxury brands, is seen as the world’s best city for shopping among people in the Arab world, according to a new survey.

Results of the survey ranked in order of most popular:

Dubai (United Arab Emirates) - 32%
Paris (France) - 13%
Beijing (China) - 5%
Istanbul (Turkey) - 5%
London (United Kingdom) - 5%
New York (United States) - 4%
Other - 3%
Beirut (Lebanon) - 3%
Hong Kong (China) - 3%
Bangkok (Thailand) - 2%
Tokyo (Japan)    - 2%
Milan (Italy) - 2%
Barcelona (Spain) - 2%
Marrakech (Morocco) - 2%
Amsterdam (Netherlands) - 1%
Madrid (Spain) - 1%
Singapore (Singapore) - 1%
Munich (Germany) - 1%
Sydney (Australia) - 1%

As the date is set for the 2011 Dubai Shopping Festival this gives more advantage to ranked Dubai as the number one shopping destination, beating out more established global cities such as London, Paris and New York.


Dave said...

So Arabs like shopping in Dubai... no suprises there really considering it is the logistical hub for the Middle East and most people going in/out have to stop here at sometime in their travelling lives.

But what do people from the rest of the world think about shopping in Dubai is really the big question.... Do they find it repeatative and hackneyed throughout the different malls? Would they return? Does the place have atmosphere or is it soul-less? These are the real questions that need answering..... not some survey that asks loaded questions and illicits virtually only one possible response....

Buddy dela Cruz said...

@Dave, Yes I think your right that most arabs like shopping since every now and then sale are everywhere...


Pantyhose said...

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