Wednesday, July 20, 2011

EIDA forms committee for information security policy

Jul 19, 2011 - 12:01 -

WAM Abu Dhabi, 19 July 2011 (WAM) -- The Higher Management at the Emirates Identity Authority has held an executive meeting to discuss the information security policy. 

During the meeting, which was chaired by Dr. Eng. Ali Mohamed Al Khouri, Emirates ID Director General, and was attended by executive directors and a number of managers, a higher committee for the Emirates Identity Authority's information security policy was formed which would be concerned with the organizational and applied aspects as a monitoring authority tasked with evaluating and developing the mechanisms of work and the associated processes. The committee will include in its membership representatives of all the Emirates Identity Authority's departments and registration centers across the UAE and will be chaired by the Emirates ID Director General.

The committee will be concerned with developing and approving the general policy of information security and ensuring that the information security objectives are in line with the Emirates Identity Authority's objectives and strategic plan. The committee will be also concerned with managing the sources related to the information security system management and reviewing the results of the risk assessment reports and how far they affect work.

The Committee will be tasked with developing and managing the implementation of the risk treatment plans in addition to ensuring the application and development of the Emirates Identity Authority's information security management system and the efficiency of plans for dealing with security incidents.

During the meeting, the Information Security Department at the Emirates Identity Authority made a presentation on the information security planning project, which included the controls and measures for protecting information and maintaining its confidentiality as well as the uses of corporate resources, which incorporated the machines and networks at the Emirates Identity Authority.

Meanwhile, Al Khouri said the Emirates Identity Authority is aware of the importance of the information it is dealing with and is extremely keen on protecting it and keeping it confidential as per the highest security standards and controls.

Al Khouri stressed the importance of continually developing the Emirates Identity Authority's security system and ensuring the integration and efficiency of the information security and protection policies and plans at all levels in line with global standards for protecting the security and transparency of information as well as its systems and applications in the digital environments.

''The Emirates Identity Authority will spare no effort to meet all the requirements of work necessary to protect its information and keep the data of its customers confidential,'' he said.

He added that the Emirates Identity Authority is working on developing its interactive service system related to its customers and is activating online services to this effect, noting that the strategic projects which the Emirates Identity Authority is currently carrying out are concerned with electronic linkage with government organizations.

Al Khouri stressed the Emirates Identity Authority's keenness on building and enhancing confidence in its security standards and systems, which include the security of information and networks, maintenance of privacy and confidentiality and protection of data and are regarded in their entirety as the major pillars for supporting the development projects of knowledge-based communities.

Al Khouri called for focusing on the training of employees and the holding of regular seminars for them to be introduced to one another and be reminded of their role in applying the security policy at the Emirates Identity Authority and treating this issue as a top priority.

It is worthwhile that the Emirates Identity Authority was the first among the federal organizations to be awarded an ISO certification in information security. It was also the world's first project for ID advanced identification systems to be awarded such certification.


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