Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Consumer rights on high alert - Department of Economic Development

Dubai UAE: The biggest dispute retailers have with consumers involves product refund and exchange policies, according to a Department of Economic Development (DED) survey. Read Consumer Rights Here

"A big percentage of businesses in Dubai are franchises and they have imported their policies from the chains in their countries. They bring them here and force them on consumers. This has caused most of the disagreements," said Mohammad Lootah, Deputy CEO of the DED's Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection Division.

After recent discussions with the division on UAE consumer laws, most retailers are "convinced that they should go in line" with local laws, he added.

The DED organised a consumer rights campaign to educate retailers on Consumer Law No 24 of 2006 that regulates refunds, exchanges, warranties, bills and other aspects of retail in April. Officials said yesterday that 89 per cent of retailers who participated said they understood their duties and rights.
The law, for instance, states that if a product has a defect or it's not repairable, it is the responsibility of the retailer to exchange it for another, explained Lootah. If no stock is available, retailers must refund the amount paid.

"Consumers think they can change their mind and return the product, but according to the law they can only return it if there's a defect. Especially with jewellery or clothes, some people just use them for an occasion and try to return them the next day," said Adel Al Helou, Head of Consumer Protection.


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