Tuesday, January 13, 2009

STAR CINEMA’S Present "LOVE ME AGAIN" ( A movie from LAND DOWN UNDER) now in theaters in the Middle East

Press Released:


From the Director of box-office Filipino films Dubai, Kailangan Kita (I Need You) and Anak (Child) comes a story that reminds us on how far we are willing to go in the name of love in LOVE ME AGAIN (LAND DOWN UNDER). The tale revolves around a woman who sought for a better life and the man who would go at world’s end just to be with her as portrayed by Philippines’ most popular and beautiful love teams to ever appear onscreen, Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual.
After working for several years in Manila, Migo (Piolo Pascual) returns to Bukidnon, to its magnificent rolling hills and lush pasture lands, to reclaim the ranch that his family had lost after his father's death. During the famous Kaamulan festival, Migo sees his first love, Arah (Angel Locsin), who also happens to be the beautiful and fearless rodeo queen of Bukidnon. He falls in love with her all over again and resolves to win back her heart as well.
Ranches everywhere are closing one by one. The glory her hometown once knew was slowly disappearing in favour of life abroad, particularly in Australia. Arah believes this too. Australia will save them from poverty. But Migo does not share this belief. He believes that Bukidnon’s glory will return if only people didn’t leave. When Arah’s father suddenly encounters an accident, Arah is left with no choice but to seek better opportunities in the land down under to earn for her family. Her decision breaks Migo’s heart. The two part ways, their problems unresolved. Arah leaves Bukidnon, along with a group of Pinoy cowboys who have been hired to work in the vast and lonely Australian ranch, which is even bigger than Bukidnon.

In Australia, Arah showed her willingness to hold her ground and tough it up along with the boys just to fulfill her dreams for herself and her family. It was this determination that caught the attention of the cold and mysterious Brian Sullivan, an Australian rancher. Back in Bukidnon, Migo was experiencing his own wave of reality. Bukidnon is not what it used to be. And fighting to keep a ranch alive and working is something he cannot do without enough experience. Despite his enthusiasm and hard work, his investments crumble slowly until he is left with nothing but a humbling realization—there is money in Australia. Migo decides to give the land down under a try. With fierce hopes of earning back what he lost, he flies to Australia, to the land where his beloved Arah went when she left him for her dreams.

However, Arah is already engaged to Brian. Being the eldest daughter of a poor cowboy, she feels compelled to accept this man's offer of marriage in order to give her family a better life, no matter how much she still loves Migo. Can their love bloom again in the dry landscape of the Outback? Will Migo be able to reclaim the love he has lost, or will he learn to let her go and start anew?

Award-winning director Rory B. Quintos takes on another heart-warming love story shot outside the metropolitan of Manila. With its scenic locations from Philippines’ highland paradise of Bukidnon to the captivating natural landscapes of Australia, Love Me Again is a film that is close to any expatriate’s heart as it delves on seeking for greener pastures far from their home country. This is Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin’s first big-screen team-up after their hit TV series Lobo (Wolf) and the latter’s first project under Star Cinema. Love Me Again is a part of Star Cinema’s major offering for its 15th anniversary.
It was the very first all-Filipino produced and made movie, starring local actors, to get a US premiere before its commercial run in the Philippines. Officially showing this 2009, Love Me Again will not only be shown nationwide in the Philippines but all over the globe. Filipinos in the Middle East would be delighted to know that they will have the chance to see what unravels of Arah and Migo’s love story themselves on the following dates:

January 29, 30, 31 at the Grand Cine Center in QATAR and Seef Cineplex in BAHRAIN; February 5, 6, 7 at the Grand Cine City in DUBAI and Grand Megamall in SHARJAH; February 12, 13, 14 at the Grand Al Mariah in ABU DHABI; and Feb 12, 13 at the Cinescape, Marina Mall in KUWAIT.

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