Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dubai Online Tenancy Registration called "EJARI"

The pressure on paying your annual house rent in Dubai soon will be over according to Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) as they created new move by creating an online registration of tenancy contract called "EJARI" meaning "my rent" So what is Ejari means...

‘Ejari’ means ‘my rent’ in Arabic.

The Dubai government has put in place a series of measures to curb soaring rents in the residential and business sectors of Dubai - starting with the newly introduced 7% cap put on annual rent increases, as one example. However, these have done little to keep the increasing rent spiral and tenant-landlord disputes under control. The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) therefore identified the need for a centralized way to manage rental transactions and contracts, in order to regulate and solve these important concerns.

Emirates Real Estate Solutions (ERES) is an online platform of services designed to proactively meet these demands in a uniform, easy-to-access and official manner while serving the Real Estate Industry and the public.

One of these services is ’Ejari,’ an online application developed to register and standardize all rental contracts in Dubai, whether for the largest property management companies or individual landlords, in accordance with RERA’s regulations.

Features & Benifits

With Ejari, both ends of a rental contract are uniformly served, providing protection to landlords and management companies, as well as their tenants, regarding the terms of each rental contract. The solution also serves to establish clear payment terms to protect the interests of all parties when advance rental payments are made.

Once the registration process is complete, a rent receipt can be produced through the system. The main benefits ensured by Ejari are the uniformity of the approach, which creates a standardization of rental contracts, and its ease of use, saving time for the production of documents and receipts required for tenancy agreements.

Ejari serves to build and maintain a trusted regulatory community environment for the real estate industry in Dubai, benefiting both landlords and tenants through complete transparency.

Industry benefits of the system include the following:

access to official and updated information of all leased properties in Dubai

a means of creating legalized tenancy contracts accompanied by standard issue rent receipts

the ability to safeguard the rights of landlords and tenants by maintaining tenancy contract details

the full auditability of transactions in case of dispute


Seabee said...

It's another good sign that legislation and systems are gradually catching up with what's been happening. RERA seems to be doing a good job so far.

Anonymous said...

The Ejari seems like a good idea but it needs to be actioned in such a way to make it simple and easy for owners to register their properties and produce Tenancy Contracts etc. At the moment Ejari requested owners to give up their time to go to Rera with their online registration number to then book a day training session and pay 500 AED for the privelige. Then they have to pay 160 AED per Tenancy contract to be produced and approved. All of this takes time and for most property owners they dont have the spare time to do this, plus they may need to rent their property quickly and if they have a client ready to move, may miss out on this opportunity with the delay of the Ejari registration and approval process. It would be much better if it could all be done online so it can be done simply and without the need to visit Rera / land department twice. Also i understand owners can hire property management companies to do this on their behalf but not all owners want to as they are expensive and unnecesary if you can get a Real Estate Broker to find you a tenant free of charge and willing to produce the paperwork for you too. The problem comes as a Broker isnt able to register with Ejari because they are not a property management company.

A disgruntled Dubai property owner in astonishment of the disorganised chaos that is the Dubai Property Market

chandra said...

You make a valid point!
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