Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stock Photography

Photography is one of my hobby and I consider it as my second profession. As time goes by on my hobby I was thinking on what should I do on all the pictures I have taken, It's now eating a lot of space in my computers hard drive and at the same time a lot of CD's and DVD's used to stock all of this.

One of my friend told me that he is doing a stock photography, as of curiosity I ask what is that, he explain it to me, and one thing I remember on what he said to me. "your picture are stock in your hard drive or CD's, DVD's and earn nothing why not put it in online Stock Photo Agency It's was stock there also but It will gain some money, its not to big but it will help you and it will also helps to depelop your skill as photographer, the best things are it is earning money while you are sleeping. So I follow what he said I search a lot of online stock photo agency and register submit photos and so on. Meaning I do what my friends told me and it works.

Now to explain what is Stock photography I do a research again and hope this will help to other people....

What is stock photography?

Stock photography is photography or imagery that is used repeatedly for commercial and non-commercial purposes. It is a cost effective method for customers to purchase high quality images, and is a great way for photographers to earn money from their collection of imagery.

Often stock images depict common situations, concepts, ideas, issues, landmarks, and people. It is very popular with designers, graphic artists, art directors, advertising agencies, and marketing professionals, in magazine ads, websites, and marketing brochures.

Instead of hiring a professional photographer to create an image, a buyer licenses an image and the photographer is paid a commission. Photo researchers can save valuable time and money by searching for stock photography through online databases. Images are delivered through direct download or email to the customer.
Stock agencies are often called image banks or photo archives, referring to the vast electronic data stored online. Images stored at an agency are licensed on behalf of the photographer or artist and the agency retains a percentage of the sale. Pricing may be set by the photographer or agency as the needs of the audience require. Prices may range from as little as $1 to thousands of dollars.

One of the first major stock photography agencies was the one founded in 1920 by H. Armstrong Roberts, which continues today under the name RobertStock.
To be Continued...
See you on the second part of Stock Photography...


Josh of Arabia said...

was here too, sir :)..inadd ko na rin pala iyong bago mong site sa roll ko.

as per stock photography, it does help and promote the photographer but i guess the normal problem is when someone jst grabbed the artist's work w/o due permission..

more power sir!:) dalawin mo ko ulit.:)

Mariz said...

thanks for this very useful info. sana we could meet up with you, me, my husband and 2 other ofcmates do photography as a hobby here in dubai. it would be niice to know you personally :) regards!

asha said... is so eager to share the advantages of their service that now a wide array of flexible and affordable payment options are offered. A 14-day Free Trial subscription gives access to 10 free downloads per day, and several Standard Subscription Plans are among the most affordable anywhere. The Pay-by-Credits Plan makes it simple to buy one stock image at a time, and every purchase by credits earns the customer a x2 Bonus Image Credit to use on a second image or equal or smaller size! And every plan allows the buyer to choose not only from different image sizes but also from several standard and extended licenses to fit any publishing needs.

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