Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dubai Metro Fare Announced

A minimum of Dh1.80 to a maximum of Dh6.50 for a single journey is the fares for Dubai Metro as announced by RTA Officials. As the official they will endorsed Order No. 3/2009 governing the Unified Fare of Mass Transport in the Emirate of Dubai by means of a Unified Electronic Fare Card known as “NOL CARD”; an electronic Pay-As-You-Go system introduced by Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) as a means of easing the mobility of all public transport users.

“The Unified Nol Card, which will be unleashed with the start of passenger service of Dubai Metro, offers smooth & comfortable service to users of Dubai Metro, Public Buses, Water Bus and Paid Parking Zones. The name “Nol” was branded to the card as it is an authentic Arabic word meaning “Fare” or “Cost of using transport”. The logo of the Unified Nol Card was designed to replicate the unified identity of transport systems, with a symbolic reference to the seamless flow of various transport modes in Dubai. It illustrates the continuous mobility of commuters between various transport modes without stopovers; where the flowing lines depict the smooth mobility of transport, and the thin lines enrich the card, providing added value and protection to the card against counterfeiting”.

The fare in Metro who travel using Unified e-Card in a short journey not exceeding 3 km is 1.80 dirham, whereas it is 2.30AED for a journey in a single zone, 4.10AED for a journey in two neighboring zones, and 5.80AED for a journey in three or more zones. The fare of travel in a single journey using Gold Card is 3.60AED for a short journey not exceeding 3km, whereas it is 4.60AED for a journey in a single zone, 8.20AED for a journey in two neighboring zones, and 11.60AED for a journey in 3 or more zones. The travel fare using a 30-day pass in short journeys within a single zone is 100AED, whereas it is 180AED in two zones and 270AED in three zones or more”.

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