Monday, February 02, 2009

Dubai World Central International Airport - Opening Delayed

Dubai World Central International Airport authorities announced the opening of the first phase of the World Biggest Airport has been put back because of the delays in constructions. Instead of this year it will be on 2010.

Built for the future, Dubai World Central International Airport has been designed to handle all next-generation aircraft, including the A380 super-jumbo. Up to four aircraft will be able to land simultaneously, 24 hours a day, minimising in-air queuing.

The region’s biggest airport, Dubai World Central will include:

  • 6 parallel runways, 4.5 km in length, each separated by a distance of 800 meters.
  • Three passenger terminals including two luxury facilities one dedicated to airlines of the Emirates Group, the second to other carriers, and the third dedicated to low cost carriers.
  • Multiple concourses
  • 16 cargo terminals with a 12 million ton capacity
  • Executive and Royal jet centres
  • Hotels and shopping malls
  • Support and maintenance facilities: the region’s only hub for A, B, and C Checks on all aircraft up to A380 specifications
  • Over 100,000 parking spaces (probably underground) for airport staff and passengers
  • Dubai World Central International Airport and the existing Dubai International Airport will be linked by a high speed express rail system
  • Dubai World Central International Airport will also be served by the Dubai Metro and a dedicated Dubai World Central light railway
  • Dubai World Central International Airport will be used by foreign carriers only. Emirates operations (both passenger and cargo) will remain at Dubai International Airport.


Seabee said...

I suspect that what they mean is 'delayed until we have it ready', which is not what we usually do here. But with an airport, well, they can't take chances.

Anonymous said...

oh its simple, anyone who "really" lives here will know. The govt. has gone bust, and has no money till Abu dhabi bails it out.

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