Sunday, June 03, 2007

A very Sad Comment from Indian person...

Last May 25, 2007 a group of Filipino gathered for the reason that one mother came for help for her son suffering from leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant in order to live.
I post an article last 21st of May in this blog regarding with these, in order to make a little awareness to whom who may visit and read my article. And on last 24th of May an article come out from one of the news paper here in Dubai it was in "Gulfnews" and I decided to post it in UAEBlog community to add a little awareness.

Now during the said date a lot of people come to give help not only Filipinos but also other nationalities like Arabs, British, Americans, Pakistan, Lebanese, Indians and so on... and we raised a some of money it not big but enough to give a little support...

And to recieved a comment like this in the article I post in the UAEblogcommunity "No comments about the records of Indian Nationality Leave here in UAE": "screen shots"

Click here to view the actual comments:

I really don't know why they make a comment like these, "filipinas /filipinos are filthy people!indians are the best! "... Maybe he /she had a bad experienced with one or two Filipino, but to mentioned all Filipinos he/she was very wrong... As of my stay here in UAE I meet a lot of nationalities including Indian people... and I can say that in all nationalities there have also filthy person.

But during this time I think we need to shared a little to give hope... My Question is this to this person hope that it will not come to his / her family. If the same problem will come in your life What will you do?

Some photos during the events:


OFW LIFE Lestat_m said...

i dont know..pero ang mga taong gaya nito ang mga tinatawag na taong "wala sa hulog"...

there are people who think that they are the best... but in this drive we are not in the competition.. maybe something is wrong with the one who commented that..or he just didn't understand what the post is all about..

neways.. comments like this should not ruin our day... :) keep up the campaign and I wish that the boy will get better soon..

Edward said...

Thanks for the comment in my entry population control. Actually wala pa me dsl sa bahay kaya pabilisan ang ang blog ko so I could not make it more appealing or good. Sa Internet cafe lang ako nagbablog. Anyway thank again.
Rgarding this entry, tama si Lesta_m, you can't please everyone so let them gave such irrelevant comment, that is their openion.
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