Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Shooting Fireworks Part 2

As almost always in photography, the most important part is finding the right place to stand. Unfortunately you can often identify it at firework shows by the line of tripods already in place! If you want to get the same kind of pictures as the others you may need to get there several hours early to bag your tripod space.

Research in advance may enable you to find some other, less obvious places. Some of the best pictures are taken from balconies, roofs, bridges and other high viewpoints, often not readily available to the general public, but which you may be able to get permission to use. Sometimes just standing back a bit from the crowds watching the show will give you a perfect viewpoint.

Images which just show the bursts of the display in the air against a dark background can be taken from almost anywhere in the vicinity of the show. If you want to do more than this, you will need to start by thinking about what you want and to choose your position more carefully.


dom lawrence, OSB said...

beautifullll....i have seen one show the day i arrived Mnila from the US. it was beautiful-- it was timely when i went to visit for the first time the Mall of Asia-there, in the night--twas a 30min non stop fireworks==i miss manila so much!....and hope to visit dubai next year -plans to drop by in my goin back to the monastery....

Sue's Daily Photos said...

This is a absolutly perfect picture! I love it. And I love Dubai. I were visiting there for 4 weeks a Swiss friend of mine. Christina is her name - I really would like to know if she is still in business over there. She was in the tourist business and had her own trekking camps out to the desert. It was a very great and intresting time, my Dubai days!

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