Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June 12 The Philippine Independence Day

“Happy independence,” Ambassador Kristie Kenney of the USA said.
“I have a great picture in my office … the Philippine flag going up and the American flag coming down. I think it’s a great symbol of the wonderful friendship we’ve always had,” Kenney said.
The picture she was referring to was of the July 4, 1946 rites when the US formally gave the Philippines back its freedom.

This took place at the Luneta in Manila. The Stars and Stripes was lowered as the Philippine flag was raised in its place.

On Aug. 4, 1964, President Diosdado Macapagal, Ms Arroyo’s father, changed the date of Philippine independence to June 12, 1898, the date Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed freedom from Spain in Kawit, Cavite.

Kenney enumerated the things Filipinos should be grateful for:

“Filipinos are known throughout the world for their hospitality, their innovations, their services, their climbing Mount Everest, their cooking in the White House, their winning boxing matches, their hosting important international summits.“And if I can say on a personal note, I thank all of you. I feel at home here. I consider this my home now. And I know my colleagues would feel the same. That’s never been the case in other countries -- a special place,” she said.

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