Monday, June 18, 2007

3 Pinoy Died in Car Accident in United Arab Emirates

We are very sad when we heard the News from TV Patrol (TFC) about what happen to our kababayan here in United Arab Emirates... They died because of some reckless driver here...

Three Filipinos died after they were ran over Thursday night while crossing a road on their way to attend Mass in Al Ain, the United Arab Emirates, ABS-CBN Middle East News Bureau reported Monday.

The fatalities were identified as siblings Emmanuel, 23, and Jay-ar Cuaresma de San Jose, 20. Twenty-year-old Charmaine Grace Navarro, Emmanuel's wife, also died.

The three were hit by a speeding four-wheel drive vehicle driven by an unidentified UAE resident on Khalid Bin Sultan Street in Al Ain. read from and read here from Gulfnews

That's why to all Kababayan here in United Arab Emirates be careful when you are crossing the pedestrian as what we all know that United Arab Emirates are one of having a dangerous road in the world..... And the number one cause of death here are by Road and Traffic Accident.

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Bro. Rollie said...

Gandang hapon po!

True, indeed, that the 3 pinoys were hit by a speeding car. Another truth is that they crossed a highway. I didn't see the accident happened, but knowing the area I would say that no one in his right mind would dare cross it. (It's like crossing NLEX or EDSA minus the traffic, maybe.) Cars are coming from the underpass at high speed. Those of you who drive will agree that it's difficult, if not impossible, to suddenly stop. It can also cause a pileup.

I can't disagree more that it's a case of reckless driving. It's, obviously, a case of 'jaywalking'.

"Malayo kasi ang tawiran, at saka ma-le-late na ako."-- that may be the usual reasoning. (The accident happened on the 2nd Thursday of the month... when Tagalog Mass is celebrated.)

It's really sad and unfortunate that these things happen -- but it's avoidable.

God bless!

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