Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Software for Photographers - Part One

Image processing (including specialist software for panoramas and watermarking), image cataloguing, noise reduction, scanning, monitor and printer calibration and other software for photographers.
Picasa - Find, Organise and Share Your Photos
Picasa is a free download from Google. It isn't a tool for pros, but for the average digital camera user it is simple to use and does all that is needed - so 5 star software for them.
It starts by automatically finding the image files on your hard drive (except for any directories you exclude) and creates a database of your images.
You can then use Picasa to view, sort, print, edit and do most other things you need to with images, including sending copies by e-mail or uploading them to a Picasa web album for others to view.
Editing is pretty basic, but still useful, and there are some nice special effects.
Getting and Installing Picasa From the main Google page, simply select the "more" link and then choose 'Picasa'. Picasa is only available for PC, and you need to be running either Microsoft® Windows 2000, or Microsoft® Windows XP. You also need to have version 5.01 or later of Internet Explorer installed. The version tested for this review was Picasa 2.6, but I also told it to look for free upgrades and install them automatically.
Of course you do need a little disk space, preferably 100MB, and there are some other detailed requirements listed on the web site, but most systems running Windows 2000 or XP are likely to meet these.
To download the software you need an Internet connection, and the software also offers Internet based services, including sending images by e-mail, creating web albums and ordering prints over the Internet. For these you need a 56K Internet connection speed or better. However, once installed, Picasa's non-Internet features can still be used when you are off-line.
Installation was rapid and smooth, with no problems. Once installed and run, it began to index all the files on your system.
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