Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How to photographs an Events / Concert Photography

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Since I'm taking photos for more than two years now I think its time for me to share what I had experianced on how to take pictures of concerts and events.

So You Want To Photograph A Concert?
(Parokya Ni Edgar in Dubai)

Upcoming events in Dubai will be the Aerosmith, May 31 2007 at the Dubai Rugby Exile Club.(If I got a Press Pass I will post some Photo's) Now before you even begin dreaming about meeting Aerosmith backstage for a private photo session, you have to obtain what used to be termed "credentials." Today that means a photo pass: a sticky piece of cloth you slap on your shirt that allows you to get past security and into the area in front of the stage reserved for photographers. Photo passes are printed by the band's publicity machine, whether it be the record company's publicity department or a private P.R. firm. You will have to convince the person assigning the passes to give you one. The easiest and often only way to do this is to have an assignment from a newspaper or magazine. Why are photo passes given out in the first place? The more publicity the better, and that will work to your advantage with smaller acts and against you with larger ones. Whereas a band just getting started will actually call established writers and photographers and offer them photo passes to guarantee the band some publicity, veteran acts will choose among whom they want to shoot the show and will only hand out a specific number of passes, despite the number of requests. High profile national magazines and widely subscribed newspapers get first priority, followed by smaller mags and newspapers, and finally, if there's any room, web sites.

( Vernie Varga in Dubai with the Hit Makers)

Ethics; or What Would You If...

So you're now at the venue, you've finally secured your photo pass, and you're ready to start shooting. There are some guidelines to keep in mind, and they all revolve around that Golden Rule of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

First, remember that nearly everyone else at the concert has paid to get in; they're there to enjoy the show. If there's a barricade set up in front of the stage, you can go behind it to shoot for your designated number of songs. But there are fans right up front too, and if you stand directly in front of them they won't be too happy. Kneeling down a bit or resting your elbows on the stage won't alter your perspective too much and will help keep you from getting in the way of the fans who've waited all day or paid top dollar just to get in the front row. Move around a bit, too; not only will this help you get different kinds of shots, but it will give the fans you've been standing in front of a respite.

Security personnel can be your best friends or your arch-enemies. If you establish yourself as a rule-breaker, security will give you a hard time. Follow their direction and you'll gain a solid reputation, one that might earn you some leeway
Part 2 ( Equipments requirements) on next...

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