Saturday, May 12, 2007

Four Things of dubaibase blogger

As what I expected my friend Zaldy OFW life keep on reminding me about my first 4 in life on the same day he posted his. So, before someone tag me again on this topic, I think it's time to respond to his call, time to convert the 4 things of dubaibase blogger from thought into writing since 4 years now I'm not getting my vacation (hu! hu! hu! hu!!!! I miss the Philippines).

Four jobs I have had

Account Manager
Right after I graduated, I try my luck in Metro Manila the Big City and luckily I've got a job as Account Manager in one of the distributor of Goodyear Tires in Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City.

Territory Specialist
My second job after was in Gulf Oil Internationa Philippines I decided to transfer since this company offers much better salary and good opportunity I resigned for being Account Manager. Time to practice more my degree as Marketing Graduate. Here I travel a lot my first Area was Region 3 (composed of 6 provinces Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, Bataan, Pampanga and Zambales) after establishing the area I transfer to Region 5 ( composed of 6 provinces Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Albay, Sorsogon, Catanduanes and Marinduque) to replaced the guy who resigned in this Area. Then the political problems come in former Phil Pres. Joseph (Erap) Estrada leadership. The company need to retrench some of its staff ( i'm one of them hu! hu! hu!!!) stop and give up their office in Makati and forced to transfer in their warehouse in Pandacan.

Boss of my self
After that tragedy in the Big City I'm back home and Put up little business to practiced my technical skills (by the way I'm frustrated Engineer (ECE) classmate of Zaldy's brother Oliver) that was a Computer Rentals ( Gaming, Internet etc..) The business was good with the help of Zaldy and his two bothers (Oliver and Jasper) since we have also the same business we are exchanging clients to create good relationship with our best player in Counter Strike and of coursed to established our business. But when that kind of business come out like mushroom that time I plan to go anywhere to find my destiny...

Senior Office Administrator
This was my third and current job here in the Sand land (UAE) I came here in the UAE first in Abu Dhabi then transfer here to Dubai. Hopefully my boss acknowledge my worth in the company before I change my mind and transfer again for my fourth job here in UAE. Not saying I'm excellent in my position or assigned work but I think I deserved more since ??? (in that matters its confidential) till now no one will replaced my position thats why no vacation hu! hu! hu! Huuu wahhhh)...

Four movies I watched over and over
With Honor ( Brandon Frazer you will realized the importance of dignity and honor)
Mouse Hunt (you will laugh till you drop)
Gladiator ( full of courage)
Die Hard (all of them 1,2 & 3)

Four places I have lived
Paombong Bulacan ( placed I was Born, lived there till I was 7 years old)
Sta. Rosa Nueva Ecija (where I grown up)
Abu Dhabi UAE ( my first place outside the Philippines)
Dubai UAE (present)

Four PC Games I love to play
Commandos 3

Four places I have been on vacation
Baler Aurora ( my wife's place)
Sta. Rosa Nueva Ecija (my home town)
Paombong Bulacan
Baguio City

Four of my favorite foods
Pochero ni Misis
Nilagang kong OX tail
Bulalo na luto ko
Gising gising sa Cabanatuan City Philippines

Four places I would rather be right now

Four people who will answer this tag
reflection of timeby Milton Chai
health and wealth by Ed of Saudi Arabia
SELaplana by Sustines E Laplana
and the Last one will be any one from my visitors or YOU who are currently reading this...

Now I think my part was done to do my four things...

OK.. the rule of this game is simple, just give your 1,2,3 4's in life like what I've done above or you may add a description whatever you want. The last category which is the "four people who will answer this tag" as the category implies must create a post and list up their 4's in life and please don't forget to mention anchored by dubaibase blog anywhere in your tag response.


Lestat_M said...

ehehe... cheer-up man...
you will soon have a vacation no matter what.. :)
in my case we'll fly to Philippines this coming August.. :) may ipagbibilin ka ba dre?.. ehehe..

thanks for responding my tag..

Regards and keep it up..

Edward said...

I tag you too. Anway I will just update the names using linking to make it beneficial.

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