Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Portrait Photography - Part 1

(Photo taken during the Dubai Rugby Seven)

Seeing great pictures of people is the first step toward taking them. If you keep in mind our tried-and-true tips, you'll soon be taking outstanding pictures of the subjects most important to all of us—people in our lives.
When you follow the easy tips outlined here, your people pictures will become the talk of the family.
Groups Portraits
In general it's easier to take group pictures outdoors so if you have a choice, move everybody outside. If this isn't an option, then follow our suggestions for indoor group pictures.

Group Portrait of the Philipines Business Council -Dubai with Phil. Singer Bituin Escalante (in yellow)
Outdoors—Take your straightforward record picture of people arranged in rows. If sunny, position the group so the sun is lighting their faces. If cloudy, no special care is needed.
Consider using a car, a tree, or a swing set as a device for arranging your group.
Have the group strike up varied poses: some looking directly at the camera, others looking to the side; some standing, some holding onto something and leaning.
Try to create two or three different small arrangements within the bigger group. One or two loose triangles of three people each works well.
Use a plain background that doesn't distract from the group.

(Group Portrait of Tag Heuer France)

Arrangement of indoor group pictures will be based on using a flash. Its limited range also limits your creativity.
Keep the group inside the maximum flash distance range.
Position the group so they are no more than two rows deep.

Who knows you better than you? And who will be less embarrassed by you than you? And that's why a self-portrait may be the most fun and creative picture you'll ever take.
Unless you have very long arms, make sure you know how to use your camera's self timer. Or use your camera's close-up mode. Simply hold the camera and point it back at yourself.
If your camera has a zoom lens, use its wide-angle portion.
Be playful with the environment you photograph yourself in. In the car, at work, at the breakfast table, on the phone, or hugging the cat
Decide what you want to say about yourself: serious, introspective, playful, or lonely.

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