Wednesday, November 30, 2011

UAE President issues National Day resolutions

Abu Dhabi: President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan issued a series of resolutions on the occasion of National Day that aim to provide stability and good life for Emiratis, as well as meeting their aspirations.
As per the resolutions, federal government employees will receive a salary hike in 2012. Judicial authorities will receive a 100 per cent raise on their basic salary. Ministry of Health employees will receive a 100 per cent raise on their work nature compensation, and a 100 per cent raise for Ministry of Education teachers.

The decision stipulates that employees in the rank of under-secretary and assistant under-secretary would get a special raise of 35 per cent of the basic salaries of those whose ranks are between special first and sixth rank, while those on the seventh to the 14th rank would get a raise of 45 per cent of their basic salaries. The increase will be added to the employee’s transport allowance.
Shaikh Khalifa also issued a resolution, in his capacity as Ruler of Abu Dhabi, to allocate 2,500 plots of land for Emiratis, which is in line with Shaikh Khalifa’s keenness to ensure that Emiratis receive adequate housing, and ensuring stability and security for their family and future.
The President issued another resolution setting up a fund with a capital of Dh 10 billion to study and address the loans of Emiraits with limited income. The fund will settle personal loans by coordinating with the UAE Central Bank and other banks in the country.
Shaikh Khalifa also issued a resolution increasing allocations for social aid by 20 per cent for specified cases that are eligible for the aid.
Shaikh Khalifa also issued a resolution that allows the sons and daughters of Emirati women married to non-nationals to apply for the citizenship when they reach the age of 18.
The resolution also orders all ministries, governmental departments and concerned bodies to treat the sons and daughters of Emirati women married to non-nationals as Emiratis.
The President issued a Federal Decree setting up the UAE President Appreciation Award, which will honour innovators and hard workers that have accomplished achievements that enhanced the UAE’s position on the local, regional and international stage. The award seeks to The winners will be awarded with a badge and a financial reward.
The decree stipulates that the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs will set up the board of trustees, which will be chaired by the Deputy Minister of Presidential Affairs, and include the membership of six other officials that possess the necessary capabilities and expertise.
The board’s duties include specifying the conditions and terms for nominating people for the award, and setting up the award’s specialized committees. The board of trustees will also determine the specifications of the badge and the financial reward.


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