Saturday, April 10, 2010

Philippine Overseas Absentee Voting in Dubai

Dubai: To all Filipino's here in Dubai and Northern Emirates overseas absentee voting opens today April 10, 2010 at the Philippine Consulate General Office in Dubai.
Expatriate Filipinos at least 18 years old who have registered for the Overseas Absentee Voting process for the 2010 national elections can start voting at the Philippine Consulate General Office in Dubai from April 10 to May 10. Voters can cast their vote from 8:30am and close at 4:30pm weekdays, except on May 10 when voting starts at 8:30am and ends at 2pm to coincide with the closing hour (6pm) in the Philippines.

Here is a guide on how to vote:

Step 1. Locate your precinct on the announcement board

• Precincts will be arranged in alphabetical order of the surnames. Check that your name is on the list;

• Bring any ID that bears your signature and photograph;

Step 2. Locate your name on precinct's CLOAV

• Proceed to your voting precinct and locate your name on the Certified List of Overseas Absentee Voters (CLOAV), posted on the wall near your Precinct;

• If your name is not on the CLOAV, you will not be allowed to vote;

• Approach the Special Board of Election Inspectors (SBEI) Table to verify your identity with the polling clerk, SBEI chairman or third SBEI member;

• If your name is on the CLOAV but you don't have any ID, consult any SBEI Representative;

Step 3. Wait for the polling clerk to verify your identity

• Give your ID or any identification document to the polling clerk or any SBEI representative who will verify this on the list of voters with voting records;

• After the verification process, approach the SBEI Chairman to secure your ballot;

Step 4. Secure your Official Ballot from SBEI Chairman

• SBEI chairman will announce your ballot’s serial no. and write it opposite your name on the List of Voters with Voting Records;

• Sign opposite your name on the List of Voters;

• Get your official ballot (folded properly so that serial no. can be seen) from the chairman;

• Make sure your ballot is empty and unmarked once you receive it. The SBEI chairman‘s signature should be the only mark on the back of your ballot;

Step 5. Fill up your ballot properly

• Go to your Voting Seat and using a ballot secrecy folder, fill ballot by writing the names of the candidates/party list of your choice; Review the names for proper spelling and make sure they are properly identified especially if they have similar surnames with other candidates;

• After accomplishing your ballot, fold it in the same manner as when you received it;

• You must not talk to any other voters and any questions must only be addressed to the SBEI;

• Return ballot to the third SBEI member. Remember: Do not detach coupon;

Step 6. Allow third SBEI member to verify your ballot

• Third SBEI member verifies your ballot and chairman checks if serial nos. match; affix your right thumb on the ballot and on the list beside your name;

• Third member shall detach the ballot coupon and deposit this in ballot box compartment for spoiled ballots and return the ballot to you;

Step 7. Deposit your ballot

• Deposit the ballot inside the ballot box compartment for valid ballots;

• Leave the voting area immediately.

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