Monday, April 12, 2010




The Embassy of the Philippines in Abu Dhabi is in receipt of numerous inquiries regarding the alleged rape of two Filipinas behind Marina Mall sometime in mid February 2010 and the video of a woman, with severe cuts all over her body, being treated in an undisclosed medical facility which has been widely circulated over the internet.

The Embassy would like to inform the public that, after an exhaustive investigation, there is no conclusive evidence of any rape that occurred behind Marina Mall, that there was no rape victim allegedly treated at the Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) and that there was no reported case of any rape victim who died as a result of the alleged incident.

A copy of the video entitled “Gadis Malang” was forwarded to the Embassy by a concerned kababayan on 01 April 2010. She alleged that the woman in the video was the Marina Mall rape victim who was treated at SKMC. This allegation was proven false after the Embassy received a letter from SKMC officials denying that such incident took place in their facility. The Embassy also interviewed numerous hospital personnel who disproved the allegation. The alleged rape incident and the video of the unidentified slashing victim are two separate and unrelated issues that were confused as being one and the same case.

Though the content of the video itself is not in question, it would be extremely difficult to determine the victim’s identity, nationality and date/place of the incident based on the video alone. The Embassy condemns the inhuman and brutal act and joins the public in appealing for justice for the victim and imposition of appropriate penalties for the perpetrator/s. A copy has been forwarded to appropriate UAE authorities for a more thorough investigation. The source of the video is also being verified. Further announcements shall be made public as soon as these details are confirmed.

The Embassy commends the Filipino community for its Bayanihan spirit and genuine concern to protect the safety and well being of our fellow nationals. However, it would also like to remind those concerned to practice due diligence prior to spreading news that have not been verified nor validated by either the source of the information, the Embassy, or by concerned UAE authorities. Such action will only result to unnecessary fear, confusion and misinformation.

Rest assured of the Embassy’s sincere and continued commitment in protecting and promoting the welfare and interests of all Filipinos in the United Arab Emirates.

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Anonymous said...

the government has something to do to resolve this issue.the people were grasping who this cant blame them to think like that because they have been left with a question mark. beside it was true that a lot of cases have been covered up for some reason....the government is blocking every heinous crime to maintain the reputation of their country...please we dont need that kind of system..we need freedom and something for that woman..wether she's a filipina or not...we need justice for her. bring the one who was responsible for this to death!

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