Wednesday, January 13, 2010

EXPATS & LABOUR CARDS - Important Reminders

UAE January 13, 2010: An important reminder regarding our Labor Cards. to all specially to Filipino's here in the UAE. Make sure it is with you at all times and not expired as the authorities have started random checking again to ensure against the presence of illegal/overstaying expats.

On January 10, 2010 at around 7pm just upon entry to the city of Abu Dhabi, public buses were pulled over by the authorities and all passengers asked to present their identification, specifically the Labor Card/ID. Those unable to present were detained until cleared by their respective offices/PRO' s.

In situations like this, there are things you have to remember:

1. The authorities will identify themselves properly to the driver.
2. When approached in a group check, do not insult the police/authority by demanding identification when they have already presented themselves in general.
3. Once they have established their identity and purpose, they will start checking.
4. Present your Labor Card for checking without unnecessary comments or grumbling.

5. Explain slowly and properly if Labor Card is not with you or with
variations from the company ID.

6. Cooperate so as not to delay the checking and cause inconvenience to everybody else.

Doubt and question/ask for assistance when:

1. No proper public identification is made by the checking "authority".
2. When it is only you singled out and approached by an individual or two out of a big group.
3. When harassment occurs and you are asked for money or property.


1. Have your actual Labor Card ID.
2. Make sure it is not expired.
3. If you don't have it, have a stamped copy.
4. Always have your office PRO / HR Manager's direct number.

Random checking is not restricted to public buses but also implemented in malls , other public places, and residential buildings / villas under surveillance for illegal expats.

Kindly pass this message along to other expats you know.


mtoni said...

naloka naman ako sa naunang ngkowment
sagutin mo yan.

hapi new yer po at tagal na me ala wayem, mron nakialam at nidelete.

Buddy dela Cruz said...

hello toni long time ano na... Happy New Year...

Life Moto said...

be aware of your expiration to all of us.

Diamond R said...

how about if you lost it and you have already the UAE ID. Do we need to ask for replacement because it is expensive to ask for replacement

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