Saturday, June 13, 2009

111th Philippine Independence Day celebrates by Filipinos in Dubai UAE

More Filipinos come in Al Nasr Leisureland to join in the celebration of 111th Philippine Independence Day in Dubai United Arab Emirates. The celebrations of this events was historic because for the very first time we celebrated it exactly the actual day according to the organizers.

The celebration was started in the Consular Office by raising the Philippine Flag and followed by motorcade attended by Filipino Clubs. The motorcade started in Philippine Consular Office in Al Ghusais and ended at the Al Nasr Leisureland where the events held whole day.

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mackay said...

It looks very well organized. I wished our celebration here in Kuwait was as organized but unfortunately all itineraries went kaput when ERAP and his son Jinggoy arrived and did their pseudo election campaign by doing their usual old lines of lambasting of "rich people" versus the poor people.

Buddy dela Cruz said...

Actually we are very thankful that the come out of the celebrations are as plan although some delays happen...

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