Sunday, March 08, 2009

Isang Araw Lang ( Just for a Day)

I received a message in my shout box from Stacey saying "Sali ka na sa campaign na para sa mga Pilipino. ISANG ARAW LANG", I got curious and check this and find out that it is all about a public services. This services offers from UNTV Web like medical service, free shuttle, job fairs etc... So how can we offer our services in order to participate in this kind of services since I and alot of us are not in the Philiipines. I think its very simple spread a news like this. To participate I- blog mo (just blog it)....

Then you may take part in this campaign.
Paano? Eh 'di i-blog mo.

for more details and learn more about the free services Please Visit UNTV

1 comment:

Mariz said...

Seems like a good cause. Ok i'll blog about it one of these days.

Friend, hope you can add my new photoblog to your blogroll, thanks!

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