Friday, February 06, 2009

Delivery Services for All GOVERNMENT SERVICES in the Philippines

Citizen Services announce it new services to all OFW for all government documents they offer delivery service for just a click away.

According to them it is so easy and very convenient:

Pilipinas Teleserv Inc, in cooperation with the POEA has developed a more convenient service in applying for Overseas Exit Clearances.

This OPTION will allow you to apply for your OEC online via website "" and have your OEC delivered back to you.

Should you choose to apply for your OEC online, aside from accomplishing your OFW Information sheet and submitting supporting documents, you will have to pay for OWWA/Philheatlh membership fees, POEA Processing Fees, Courier Delivery and Teleserv Service fees at an Aboitiz/2Go branch.

Breakdown of Fees to be paid:

POEA Processing Fees -
P 100.00
OWWA Membership*- P 1,180.00
Philhealth* -
P 900.00
2GO / ABoitiz Courier Fee -
P 160.00
Teleserv Service Fee -
P 310.00
Total =
P 2,650.00

* If OWWA and/or Philhealth membership is still valid, the amount will be REFUNDED back to the applicant.

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