Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CBS News USA regarding Red Wine and Resveratrol

Just a few months ago I made a post for a scientific research regarding RESVERATROL and a product where we can find this molecules from the red grapes skin and infused with a proprietary blend of herbs and other powerful foods name called Genesis from Symmetry Direct. Now while browsing my email a friend of mine send me a link from CBSnews.com a news about RESVERAROL.
So please watch this video for you to understand what the benefits we can get from this molecules.

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Clarence Kale said...

Excellent, exciting story. There are some questions that need to be answered though such as (1) what is the proper dosage (2) what is the best "type" of resveratrol? regular resveratrol or trans resveratrol? (3) does resveratrol come from different sources and if so, which is the best source (4) are there any risks to taking resveratrol?

dhynesok said...

The wonder ingredient in wine is indeed resveratrol. The current studies performed by researchers have shown great promise for resveratrol treating the diseases of aging. There are numerous articles that I have linked to at my website - http://resveratrol.webiage.com - that document the findings for the potential health benefits in treating heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, and other diseases.
Concerning supplements containing a high quality and potency of resveratrol that is necessary to achieve the dosage levels utilized in the lab tests, there is a new product called Vivix. Shaklee Corporation, the number one natural nutrition company in the U.S. (http://www.shaklee.com/index.shtml), has produced a liquid resveratrol supplement that is 10 times stronger than resveratrol alone due to its patented formulation of polyphenols.
Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Oz are both users and promoters of Shaklee products and Oprah has featured Roger Barnett, Chairman and CEO of Shaklee (http://www.shaklee.com/company_lead_ceo.shtml), on her show.
So for a highly researched resveratrol supplement of exceptional quality, please visit - http://www.shaklee.net/davidhynes/vivix - to discover more about Vivix.

Ju said...

Awesome post! Have you had a chance to watch 60 Minutes, Fox News, Oprah or Barbra Walters segments last weekend about it?

Basically, it shows promise in mice. For mice, has shown major health improvements including blood sugar control. Keep in mind that 6 out of 10 major drug successes in mice - fail in humans. But the limited human trials showed promise and there are some patients that claim it helps. However, this could be the 'placebo effect,' and only empirical data under controlled experiments can tell for sure. It will take a few years for these clinical trials to conclude.

You can get supplements of the extract right now. While it is safe, it is not guaranteed to work. Before making a decision, you should watch all the videos. Here's the a recap from all the trustworthy shows:


I did some research and learned the following: You can only get 1-2mgs of it in a single bottle of wine. So, white, it's a good excuse to drink wine, but you really won't get much benefit. There are resveratrol supplements on the market - but many do not have the required strength and they don't work for everyone. The only way to know for sure is to try the supplements. Hope you find this interesting... its a future hope for the fountain of youth and treatments (not cures) for countless diseases.

-Linda, the Good Nurse.

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