Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Year To Start a New Career!!!

As I browse the internet to check of what is new for this year it comes to my attention this news article in Yahoo

Eight Top Fields with Major Job Growth as projected by the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Some of them may be apply only in the U.S. but I thinks a lot of them can be applied in our own country or present location. Try one to start on... For me with this new list I will continue my career in photography.

1. Industry: Home Health Care Services
Occupations: Registered nurses, health aids, nursing and physical therapists.Where the jobs are: Private agencies, residential care facilities, family services, private households.

2. Industry: Software Publishers
Occupations: Developers, system administrators, project manager, analysts.Where the jobs are: Telecommunication companies, banks, hospitals, major retailers,transportation and freight companies.

3. Industry: Management, Scientific and Technical Consulting
Occupations: Sales, marketing, financial services, software engineers, program managers.Where the jobs are: Bio-tech firms, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, call centers.

4. Industry: Residential Care
Occupations: Nursing assistants, physical therapy assistants, occupational therapy assistants,private nurses.Where the jobs are: Private hospitals, private agencies, outpatient care centers.

5. Industry: Facilities Support Services
Occupations: Property managers, building coordinators, administrative personnel.Where the jobs are: Asset management companies, government, commercial developers, real- estate firms, hotels, universities, hospitals.

6. Industry: Employment Services
Occupations: Recruiters, human resource managers, benefits administrators.Where the jobs are: Placement firms, professional employer organizations, major corporations, hospitals, universities.

7. Industry: Independent Artists, Writers and Performers
Occupations: Graphic design, photography, copywriting, website design, musical performers, dancers, actors.Where the jobs are: Restaurants, night clubs, casinos, newspapers, advertising agencies, theaters, television stations, cable networks, private agents.

8. Industry: Office Administration
Occupations: Office manager, administrative assistants, paralegals, legal assistants.Where the jobs are: Financial institutions, government, law firms, corporations, non-profit organizations.

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