Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Macro Photography Tips

Last 4 of my post was regarding macro and one of my friend OFWlayf ask me on how to do it with a simple camera or some called it point & shoot camera. Macro photography can be a fun and educational thing. Macro photography allows you to take close up pictures of basically anything. It's amazing to look at these extremely close-up photos of insects or flowers or even moss. But on how to do it on point & shoot camera here's how?
Now a days all camera (digital) have a capabilities of doing macro shots just look at your manual on how to activate it.

Here are some tips to get started:

  • Like any other photo that you take, simplify.
  • Fill the photo with your subject.
  • Sharp focus is a must.
  • Try shooting from different angles. If you’re looking for deep saturation of the colors, use front lighting. If you’d like to bring out the texture of your subject, side lighting is the way to go.
  • due to the narrow depth of field, the background will usually be thrown completely out of focus, which allows the natural background to be nice backdrop,. Just make sure you don’t have anything distracting in the back that’s recognizable (branches, cigarette butts, etc.).

Try taking a photo of a bee in resting in a flower. You’ll be astonished by all the little details your camera will pick up. Now I know for some of you that’s a bit of a risky thing. So try taking a picture of a little pebble. You wouldn’t believe how nice nature photos are when taken close up. A picture of a raindrop barely clinging to a leaf or tree branch can really get some good reactions from friends.

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Lestat said...

:) thank you veryyyyy much!!!!..
I'm going to use this tip in my next WS entry. This is really helpful...

thanks buddy....

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