Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Whats New in Photography World?

This morning I ask myself what is really happening in photography world? And find my self looking for the answers infront of my computer looking for anything. Then find out that Windows Vista® are offering a new way of customizing images for personal or web use.
Let me share you what I found.
Digital photography and Windows Vista:
The new operating system from Microsoft, Windows Vista®, has built in some nifty, easy ways to enjoy your digital photos. And don't worry, almost all HP cameras and printers work with Windows Vista® so your equipment will be ready to go when you switch to the new system.Windows Vista® offers all the basic photography features you need, including enhancements like these:
Photo organization made simple and searchable-so they're easy to find
Easy photo editing tools, perfect for beginners
Wizards for e-mailing and photo sharing without all the fuss
Back-up protection for your photos that's easy enough to do regularly
Organize your photos with tags:
When you upload pictures from your camera, they arrive with strange names—usually numbers in a sequence. This makes them hard to find later on. Windows Vista® lets you tag pictures with important keywords—"birthday party," for instance. Then, rather than looking through each picture, you simply search "birthday party," and all the photos with that tag come up.
Make simple edits:
Send photos in e-mail that are always the right size:
You've buffed up pictures from the birthday party, and now you want to send them to friends and family to enjoy. But the last time you did it, the photo was way too big. With Windows Vista®, a photo e-mail wizard walks you through the process, making it easy to send the right size pictures every time.
Protect your cherished memories:
So if you are having this new software and you love to share your everyday photo I think its time for you to explore it.

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mschumey07 said...

I'll be buying a new PC and I will certainly look into the Vista for my OS. Thanks for the heads-up.

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