Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New Bread Design

Someone send me this email attached all the images below but there is no place where we can find this Bakery offering this kind of Bread. Decided to post here maybe my visitors got interest on it.

Kaya niyo bang kumain ng tinapay na ganito ang itsura??? (Can you Eat a bread like this???)

It look yummy... Wanna Try!!!


Kai Santorino said...

It's like fear factor... or maybe even worse!

Ana P. S. said...

Naku! If I have to eat those bread in public where I live, I the people will hang me or burned me alive. Mapagkamalan ako na aswang talaga...LOL. Anyway, I am sure na it would work really well for a prank or to make people think you are aswang...LOL.

rieaane said...

Hey, what's that? looks hilarious :)

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