Sunday, September 16, 2007

Earthquake in the UAE

(Gulfnews)The major concern in the UAE ... comes from seismic activity in the Zagros quake belt in western Iran. Iran has a history of earthquakes and a big southern fault line.

On the night of September 14, 2007 while we are browsing the internet at the house I feel my bed was shaking and I ask from a friend near if he shake my bed and he replied no I don't do anything. Then I ask all the people in the house if they feel anything, asking that the building was shaken a little, Only two person replied that they feel the same what I feel... The building was shaking... We conclude that it was an earthquake...

We are waiting for any news regarding with that till Friday morning and find out nothing, so our theory was maybe someone only doing a maintenace in the building.

Saturday morning while browsing again into the internet and visit online news at Gulfnews and find out that what I feel last thursday night is true and correct. There was an earthquake in Dubai on that night but the epicenter was in Ras Al Khaimah northern part of the United arab Emirates.

Now what? if there is an earthquake in United Arab Emirates... As all we know that UAE specially Dubai are constracting a lot of building and as far I know all this building they are constructed/constructing are not earthquake resistance since thay are saying that there are no earthquake here in Dubai...

Now what is the future of this city when a calamity like earthquake hits this sandland? Just to refresh that a month ago we are aware what happened in Oman and some part of UAE (Fujeirah) hits by a storm from which they are not experiencing for a long period of time...

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