Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Top 5 Digital SLR Camera for Professionals

As the Digital technology in Photography is concern a lot of digital camera's are available in the market today, from compact digital camera up to Digital SLR... As what I posted last 5th July with regards to Camera Needs , this is to show some of Digital SLR Camera Pros most wanted!

While pros were slow to convert to digital, now many are going the way of the megapixel and getting professional digital SLR cameras. The selection of professional caliber digital SLR cameras is quite impressive. Here is a list of the best digital SLR cameras for professionals as of today.
The 16.7-megapixel 1Ds Mark II delivers performance and high quality imaging pros will die for. This is the ultimate wish-list digital SLR for a pro shooter. The features include:
Shooting in JPEG and RAW formats
Ten white balance settings, such as daylight, cloudy, fluorescent, light and custom.
Continuous shooting speed range between four shots per second and 32 shots per second
Voice narration attached to the image Dimensions of 6.1" wide x 6.2" high x 3.1" deep, weighing 2.68 pounds (just the body).

The 12.4 megapixel darling of the digital pro camera lineup boasts superb image quality. Its diverse features include:
Shooting JPEG and RAW simultaneously
Continuous shooting mode of 5 frames per second up to 15 consecutive shots
GPS records location with shooting data with optional accessories (how cool is that?)
Support for transfer direct via wireless LAN
2.5-inch color LCD
Dimensions of 6.2" wide x 5.9" high x 3.4" deep, weighing 2.4 pounds (body alone).

This 10.2 megapixel digital SLR straddles the line between professional and consumer level, but for beginner pros or pros on a budget this is a fine choice. The features include:
Shooting five frames per second continuously.
Eleven area autofocus
Wireless transmission
Dimensions of 3" x 3.8", weighing 19.8 ounces (body).

5. Canon EOS 1D - Mark lll New in the Line-up of DSLR.

So now its up to you and your budget which camera will fit your needs?


OFW LIFE Lestat_m said...

wow.. nice camera.. sayang ung nabili ko wala jan. hehe..

by the way... kasama ka sa aking 10 emerging influential blog in 2007...


Edward said...

Thanks for the comment. I voted you last night. You are ahead by one point.

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