Monday, April 30, 2007

Hatta - Dubai most ancient locations.

Hatta’s history

Dates back between 20 and 30 centuries. Hatta village is considered one of the most ancient locations in the Emirate of Dubai. The Heritage Village is distinguished by its fortified buildings and has about 30 houses which have been fully restored to their old style.

The Hatta heritage village is constructed around an old settlement and is a recreation of a traditional mountain village set in an oasis. The village helps you discover the old world charm of barasti (palm leaves) and mud houses. There’s a large central fort and tower which overlooks the village. Other added attractions are falaj, an oasis and vegetated seating areas where you can cool your heels.

Signs in Arabic and English will guide visitors to various sections of the site which includes an old mosque dating back 200 years and the Al Husen Majlis, where the governor of the village received guests and visitors. Al Husen contains the meeting room, the governor’s living quarters and weapons room.

There are several outdoor meeting places and resting areas known as Al Hadeera (Al Barza in local dialect) where visitors will be served coffee and dates.

There is a traditional house in the Hatta style, showing a majlis, store, kitchen master bedroom and children’s room.

Visitors will get a glimpse of traditional folklore at the poet’s majlis, while the social life house depicts life of villages in Hatta in the past. There are three rooms inside this house, one them showing majlis activities, the second having scenes of social life and the third the impact of outdoor life.

The palm tree products house contains two rooms, one displaying palm tree products such as items made from its fronds and the other shows dates and making honey from dates.
Traditional handicrafts house shows many types of traditional vocations such as blacksmith, farmer, etc.
Hatta Heritage Village is overlooked by two round towers - the Southern and Northern Towers - to protect the city from external attacks. They were built in the 1880s, during the rule of Shaikh Hasher bin Maktoum bin Butti.

The Wadi Hatta itself offers endless opportunities for exploration, either on foot or by four-wheel drive vehicle. The village’s 200 year old Friday mosque is also worth a visit.
Hatta is a little over an hour’s drive from Dubai. When driving to Hatta, look out for huge sand dunes where you will see 4×4 vehicles dune driving.

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