Sunday, March 25, 2007

Shakira!!! Shakira!!!

But as darkness descended the anticipation to see the ten-time Grammy winning pop sensation was thick in the air. Girls wearing jingling belly dancing skirts and proud Colombians waving their flags fuelled the excitement. I looked around and the crowd was overwhelming.

The Autodrome was packed. The crowds started chanting her name, "Shakira, Shakira". And suddenly the music started. The 25,000-strong crowd roared.

And there she was. As beautiful as ever and with a great smile she greeted the audience. After singing her first song, Estoy Aqui, she spoke to the crowd, thanking Dubai for giving her the opportunity to perform here, her first time in the Middle East.

She spoke of her Arab heritage, "of which I am very proud" and ended by whispering into the microphone, "Tonight I'm all yours".

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