Sunday, August 22, 2010

Petrol Price to rise-up again in UAE for the third times in 2010

Abu Dhabi: Petrol prices in the UAE are set to rise a third time this year. Sources from oil company Adnoc told  that the fuel distribution companies are about to increase price on fuel.

The source added that in private meetings of the boards of directors of the fuel suppliers it turned out that they fear to report significant losses if the prices remain at the current levels. The increase will be 20 fils per liter. This means that the cost of Special fuel will increase from Dh1.72 to Dh1.92 per liter.
The source, added that the increase will become effective "a few weeks after Eid holiday." The previous increase happened just last Thursday 15th of July 2010.

The price of E-plus will increase from Dh1.61 to Dh1.81. Diesel will increase from Dh2,35 to Dh2,55 per liter.

Source: Gulfnews

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