Thursday, June 10, 2010

iPhone 4 from Apple

iPhone 4 is less than 10mm thick and has more detailed screen, front-facing camera, gyroscope and faster processor like iPad

Here's the quick guide to the new features:
• Multitasking: the oft-requested feature has finally been added after Apple worked on how to balance multi-tasking without sucking battery life or performance. Multitasking has been organised through seven types of service, so music apps would be able to play while you make a VOIP call, for example.
• Folders: Something similar to that pretty stacking feature for folders on the latest OS for desktop Macs will be added, which will make it easier for those of us with loads of apps to organise them in folders.
• iBooks: The feature launched with the iPad will now work across iPhones an iPod Touch too.
• iAd: Apple's fledgling mobile ads system is designed to deliver ads without taking the user away from the app or game they are using, and will give developers a 60% revenue share.
• Mail: Apple's email client gets a unified inbox, so anyone with multiple accounts can see all the main in one view. Messages will be organised by thread and attachments open in third-party apps.
• Business: Apple has added email encryption and encryption for other apps to increase support for enterprise users, as well as improving mobile device management features, support for SSL VPN and wireless app distribution.
• Gaming: A major step-up in Apple's competition to portable games consoles, like Nintendo DS and Sony PSP, Apple is adding a layer that unifies players' social profiles across all games.

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