Monday, April 06, 2009

Another 'Racist' journalist to Filipinos!!!

We really don't know what really they thinks they are, and what kind of anger they have to All Filipino's...

But actually what I'm thinking is that since a lot of Filipinos around the world and most of them have access to internet they are using Filipino's to be known and become talk of the town...

By the way she wrote what she want to comment about Filipino's...

She's from down under and this what she wrote...

What? What? Can you repeat that PLEASE!!

I read with a sinking stomach that Telecom, in their infinite wisdom, are moving 250 call centre jobs to Manila which will bring their number of call centre people there to 700.

Must be a money saver...why pay Kiwis a half decent wage when you can get the job done more cheaply elsewhere?


I've had a lot of problems with email, am on the phone to xtra at least once a week - and it drives me nuts.

It's bad enough that Telecom/xtra can fail in their service to us full stop, and it's even worse if that failure is not reflected in a reduced phone bill, but what's really infuriating is not being able to understand the person on the other end of the line who is supposed to be helping.

"Filipinos learn American English and their accents are diabolically hard to understand. They are so heavy!!! "

And because these people are as close as we get to the actual corporation I allow myself to fully vent my anger...

E.g. after getting someone to repeat something 6 times I will yell in frustration.

I am better with Indian call centres since I saw Slumdog Millionaire, and I can cope with Cairo, but Manila? I lose it!

Wouldn't it be nice if Kiwis could do these jobs instead of adding to the unemployment.

It's mental. It doesn't make sense and it makes me really really mad!!!!

While reading some of the comments I pass these and for me its worth reading... Please Read the comments below...

doctor jones #5 09:14 pm Feb 08 2009

Actually, if I may.... I was setting up my home telephone and broadband just last week with telecom and their people in the Phillipines were nothing but helpful, well-mannered, and exceedingly courteous. So perhaps you're just biased.

Incidentally, did you perhaps consider that a "nuu zuland" accent, which you no doubt speak with, is also "diabolically hard to understand" if you're not used to it? I'm not a fan of the American accent either, but why not give these people credit for doing the best with what they've got? Just like we all do these days. Because after all, kettles in glasshouses shouldn't throw stones at black pots.

Lastly, did you ever consider that those call centre jobs that are being moved may be jobs that Telecom can't fill locally? Most people that i've met would never deign to lower themselves to work in a call centre, and those who did never planned to be there for long. Perhaps those in the Phillipines who take these jobs would be much more appreciative of them in the current economic climate than any kiwi would ever be. This coming from a left winger who thinks and acts locally by the way.

Just a few thoughts, make of them what you will.

doctor jones

Why Would you ? #75 04:06 pm Apr 03 2009

Hi Bridget, With the billions of people that exist in the world today and the ability to live in several countries you will never come across an accent that is perfect. What cries out to me is that you need to be calm, patient and allow for the differences between not only your accent (yes you have one too!) and the other person in this case those whom pick up your call in Manila.

And Filipino accents compared to some American accents are much easier to understand, anyone who speaks another language other than english will always have an accent, I take it you've not experienced this, cause you happen to speak perfect accented English. Besides all that, the real issue and point of your stress is with Telcom or perhaps your inability to understand the problem on your end even before you pick up the phone and wreck another's day, have you ever stopped to think the problem first and foremost sits with you and not those whom you speak with on the other end in Manila?

And, lastly why would you go to the trouble of posting such a mean spirited message when all you had to do was blast Telcom for out sourcing jobs out of NZ leaving many in unemployment at a time when the economy is so bad. I am sure you do not live in a bubble, the Filipino people are much like the polynesian people, they are overly nice, very accommodating and always helpful, you should be thank ful perhaps if it has not happened already the person on the other end has not replied and treated you as you've treated them, business aside, people should always be treated as you yourself would want to be treated. Don't stomp on others just because you yourself cannot handle the stress of your own daily life.

regards Don't do it again

Read the whole article here


Dubai Saver said...

It is true that a lot of people in NZ or Australia (where I am from) cannot understand American accents, they are just not familiar with it. On the other side of the coin, I know that when any of my colleauges (many European) call our office in Australia, they cannot understand what they are saying, at all! Heck, I cannot understand them now after being in Dubai so long, lol. This is just a fact in the world, there are lots of accents, it's what makes us different otherwise it would be a boring world. There's no need to put a culture down for their accent, that is a low thing to do. Since being Dubai, I now understand all accents, which is great :) and actually my accent has changed since moving here... people notice it back home, and many strangers even think I am foreign?! Oh btw, my girlfriend is Filipino, very easy to understand her English. If it were not for all the Filipinos in Dubai, it would be a sadder place to live! So thankyou to all of them :-)

Buddy dela Cruz said...

Thanks Dubai Saver,

I hope that lady understand the different of all cultures in the world...


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