Thursday, March 19, 2009

List of prohibited public behavior issued in Dubai


Playing loud music, wearing short shirts, dancing, nudity, kissing and even holding hands in public are all considered inappropriate behavior under new guidelines laid down by the authorities of Dubai, according to a press report on Saturday.

The Dubai Executive Council issued a list of special standards governing public behavior that requires Dubai residents and visitors to respect the customs of the Muslim country and avoid what the council considers inappropriate behavior, the Arabic-language Emarat al-Youm reported.

" Pants and skirts have to be of appropriate length, and outside clothing should not expose body parts indecently and should not be transparent "
Dubai Executive Council

The rules, which apply to all public places, include a ban on all forms of nudity, playing music loudly, dancing, kissing between men and women and unmarried couples holding hands.

In addition, the council ordered that anyone caught under the influence of alcohol—even a small amount—outside designated drinking areas would be fined or imprisoned.

Any breach of the guidelines, by nationals or expatriates, carries a possible prison penalty or deportation, the paper said, adding that the guideline have been distributed to governmental departments and private companies.

The order also requires all visitors of public places, such as government buildings, shopping malls, streets and restaurants to dress in “appropriate” clothing, otherwise they would be denied entrance.

“Pants and skirts have to be of appropriate length and outside clothing should not expose body parts indecently and should not be transparent,” the guidelines stipulate under section “public behavior.” Slogans or pictures considered "insulting" to any group or religion were also prohibited.

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