Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wowowee Live in Dubai - Another Events from ABS-CBN Global

Just last January 30, 2009 Wowowee held at Dubai Festival City, Dubai UAE. It is another successful events organized by ABS-CBN Global and TFC Middle East. The events was flocked by more than 19,000 from all over the Middle East.

Willie and his group give their audience a good shows and gives a lot of prices from where the players won all the Grand Prizes like, house & lot and a brand new car.

Also one of the special guest was Charize Pempenco a young girl with a voice of a diva.

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Anonymous said...

Wowowee in Dubai was a very disgusting, dissaster and a very disorganised events, yes, we called them "Disorganiser". Forget about the dhs 60 but they should realised that people attended the events we're came from different places of UAE and be there as early as 6am, only to find out that it was like a barrio fiestival, no chairs, and really over crowded. It's good that there was no stamped again. Imagine, only the Giants we're able to see/view the events, and those pitty Goliaths we're only able to see the backside and heads of the towering Giants. Next time, beloved disorganiser, please next time, you must first see the welfare of your kababayans.

ivan said...

I like the show

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